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Sammenleggbar båre ;Phantom

kr 1.245,45

Båre tøy Phantom

Sammenleggbar tøybåre.

Båre tøy Phantom sammenleggbar

Sammenleggbar tøybåre. Båren kan brukes som bag for personlige eiendeler etter at pasienten er overflyttet til standard båre.

Maks belastning: 204kg

Størrelse sammenlagt:25,5x18x4cm
Størrelse utslått:165x58cm
8 stk håndtak/løftestropper

Stand. salgsenhet: 1

Engelsk produkttekst:

With a weight of 15oz the Phantom® litter is an ultra-light, ultra-compact, multi-use casualty evacuation platform designed for medical operators or individual soldiers. The Phantom® allows the user to always have a means of moving a casualty without carrying bulky, overweight equipment.

The Phantom® can be mounted directly to the individual combat equipment without taking space on the vest from other critical items such as magazines, radio pouches, or hydration systems. These items can be mounted over the litter carrier making it almost completely unnoticeable and without interfering with accessibility. The internal version was designed to fit inside of the Modular Body Armor Vest by Eagle, or the Plate Carrier with Cummerbund issued in the Special Forces equipment set. These two options provide a level of flexibility never before associated with casualty evacuation platforms.

Not only does the litter function as a poles litter, it also functions as a casualty equipment bag after the casualty has been loaded on a standard litter. The bag can hold an individual’s combat equipment or sensitive items to minimize the risk of loss during the casualty evacuation process.

Product Features:

•Packed Dimensions: 10” x 7” x 1 ½” thick
•Litter dimensions: 65” x 23”
•Weight: Internal mount: 15 oz
•External mount: 19 oz
•Weight Capacity: 450Lbs (204Kg)
•The Phantom® Litter was tested with a 500lb (227Kg) static load for a 24-hour period without damage.
•Grab points: 8
•Securing strap: 1 ½” nylon webbing with friction buckle
•Made in the USA

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